Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Coversation with God...well sorta

SquareGirl: Hey God!

Voice: Hello SquareGirl

SG: God? You don't sound like yourselll...uh Arnold? Is that you?

Arnold: Well, yes...it is me. What gave me away?

SG: What are you doing on God's line?

Arnold: Well you see, you live in Caleeefornia, a place that let's me play God whenever there is to be an exec...

SG: Oh yeah...I had forgotten about that part of your job description. So what does GOD have to say about this?

Arnold: We haven't really talked about this, I'm not sure that God knows.

SG: Uh, well I'm pretty sure She does...you know, being omniscient and all. And maybe you should.

Arnold: Should what?

SG: Talk to Her about it.

Arnold: Maybe...


Arnold: so anyway SquareGirl why did you call God anyway?

SG: er, well I'm not quite sure exactly...seems I've forgotten.

Arnold: Sounds like it must not have been very important.

SG: yeah...well now that I think about it it must not have been very important at all...


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