Sunday, January 17, 2010

Punctuation Mark.

Tonight was the last night of my short and very sweet lived experience as a performer. Granted, I am not and have never wanted to be a performer, but this PERFORMANCE was a very small part of a show of moms. Moms sharing their stories, perspectives, ups, downs, struggles, triumphs, uncertainties.

Moms sharing, or expressing rather, Motherhood.

My piece was short.

And I went last.

Very much like the punctuation mark to something beautiful with it’s whole being greater than the sum of each one of it’s AMAZING and inspiring parts, that began with a song.


A song about a mini-van no less.

Six nights of sharing, bonding, creating, experiencing and Expressing Motherhood.

I was scared to begin, but now, I am just a little sad that it is over…

I began, not knowing what I was getting myself into, but ended feeling little more fulfilled, connected, creative and grateful to have had the chance to…

Express Motherhood

Punctuation Mark.


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