Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So thoughtful, those Clippers!

They must be reading my blog.

The Clippers sent me a letter.

Looks like this site is turning out to be somewhat of a Clipper blog afterall!

Dear Square Girl,

On behalf of Donald T. Sterling and the entire Clippers organization, please accept our thanks for your undying support this season. (Why, you're welcome. My pleasure actually.) It has been a great season; full of record-breaking accomplishments – and you were there for each and every minute of it. (Yes I was, so nice of you to notice!)

Together, we were able to celebrate so many breathtaking experiences, including All Star Elton Brand's emergence as one of the NBA's elite performers (you can say that again), the development of Chris Kaman (yes, but someone really needs to work on helping his boost his confideence level a little bit more), and the introduction of Sam Cassell as the team's confident leader. (Amen!)

How about the tremendous growth of Shaun Livingston (Absolutely!), the steady influence of Cuttino Mobley (well sometimes anyway), as well as the consistent contributions of the ultimate warrior, Corey Maggette? (Well, except when he was injured. And whining about not being a starter. Plus the fact that you're probably gonna trade him before the next season...let's keep it real here!)

It all started with a franchise-best 9-2 start, and just kept rolling from there - all the way to a Los Angeles Clippers record 47 wins. And who will ever forget the sea of red and the Staples Center volume level during the playoffs? (Not Square Girl. I was there!)

The best part of it all was sharing it with you (aww shucks, that's really sweet of you to say). That's why I wanted to take a minute and send off this letter as a tribute to you and to your huge role in our success (me? You mean little old me?).

It doesn't stop now. Via our Full Court E-Newsletter service, we will continue to update you with the latest Clippers' information pertaining to the NBA Draft, team transactions, special offers and much, much more. And drop in at www.clippers.com every time you get a chance to keep up with all the happenings in the Clipper Nation.

We wish you the very best this off-season (thanks! You too!), and can't wait to see you at Staples Center for an even bigger and better 2006-07 (Right back at ya! Now this doesn't mean your gonna go and raise the ticket prices on us again does it?).

Andy Roeser
Executive Vice President


Blogger Minka said...

No, how considerate is that!
I might get the best seats next season...I donæt know where they are but I sure they have a lovely personal waiter, that will bring you chamapgne and stuff.
Now here is a silly question: What is courtside? I heard it somewhere and I believe those are good seats?!

6:55 AM  
Blogger SquareGirl said...

They are thoughtful, aren't they?

Courtside is on the court level, right near or behind the players. It's where Jack Nicholson sits.

11:37 PM  
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