Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once upon a time...

I had a blog.
And I wrote posts. And I read posts. And I even commented. And then…well then life kicked into full speed ahead gear and reality took over posting and reading and commenting and well, where do I begin except just diving in by sharing that this last year which has included moving out of my groovy-stylish-bohemian apartment to a house that is near my father and mother-in-law who was diagnosed to cancer, losing my wonderful mother-in-law to cancer just before giving birth to my own beautiful daughter in my own home with the assistance of my husband and an amazing midwife. It’s been a wild ride…and when (and if) it settled, I realized that I missed the part where I shared it all with the very few but wonderful readers of my blog. So assuming anyone whoever read this are still out there…Squaregirl is now a Squaremama, but still here…older...and maybe, hopefully a little wiser.