Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A less than crazy birth...

Should you want to make people look at you as if you are crazy...and even express it out loud...tell them you have decided to give birth to your baby in your home with a midwife. In fact I can guarantee you will hear all the "if we were'nt in the hospital...would've (really bad thing)..." and other related yet horrific stories.

I am not a sensationalist or even a vegetarian...but after multiple birthing books and extensive research, I made the unorthodox decision to give birth to my baby at home. I didn't want to be supressed and dictated by doctors in white coats as to what I was Supposed to do and I wanted my baby to enter the world surrounded by people who loved him/her. So needless to say, I gave birth to my baby in the privacy and comfor of my own home.

So call me "crazy" for forgoing the epidural and doctors and monitors and hospital gowns...

Without drugs.

Without Doctors.

Without monitors.


I had candles, and Miles Davis and a warm and comfortable birthing tub and my supportive husband and two midwives who knew me well and respected me and my body's ability to give birth without intervention and drugs. And now the amazing memory of bringing my daughter into this world peacefully and gently, surrounded by love...

I cannot imagine anything less 'crazy'...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Things I have not been able to do since becoming a mama...

Eat a meal sitting down.
Repond to e-mails.
Go to lunch.
Get a pedicure.
Watch a television show.
Make a social phone call.
Have a stimulating conversation.
Get a Thai masssage.
Post on my blog.

Any regrets?

Not one.