Monday, December 18, 2006

It'beginning to look a lot like an Auntie Blog!!!

I HATE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! With all the hustle and bustle and such. And yet I love the sappy corniness of all the Christmas season. T.V. specials and music and “It’s a Wonderful Life”…Merry Christmas you ole South Pasadena!!! But despite my sappy, sentimental spirit, I try to avoid crowded marketplaces, yet being a sucker for my perfectly adorable and amazing nieces, I agreed (well actually suggested) to accompany SquarSis #3 to one of those new, crazy, open malls that have fake snow and restaurants, and music and stuff…oh yeah, and of course Santa. So after a delightful, yet loud meal, and visits to Santa and orders of Boba, Squaresis and I had the audacity to stop into one of our favorite clothing stores with the understanding that at any moment we may be negotiated (i.e. screamed) out. Our rampage-like collection of clothing turned into an intimate party of four in a dressing room and as Squaresis #3 tried on a pink tunicky camisole, my nearly three-year-old-angel/neice announced, “Ooooooooh, you look like a princess!” and then immediately after, when I tried on a long orange hooded sweater (that I eventually bought), told me, “ look like a teacher!”

Doesn’t she say the sweetest things?


Blogger Wendy said...

I'm told that I look like a teacher when I wear my glasses (never). I'm never offended...don't all teachers look *smart*? :)

7:10 AM  

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