Sunday, June 11, 2006

Square Girl's Weekend Movie Trailer Reviews #3


As much as I appreciate the whole concept of the bending of the space and time continuum, this trailer about a woman (Sandra Bullock) living in a Lake House 2 years after a man (Keanu Reeves) lived there, yet somehow they were somehow there at the same time and date and could communicate with each other via letters. Highlights include Sandra leaving a scarf with a note explaining that there was a freak blizzard that day two years earlier (when he was living there) and a note from Sandra saying she missed the Lake House prompting Keanu to plant a tree from the Lake outside of her city apartment, that two years later (when Sandra’s) there is a fully grown tree. To be honest the trailer seemed a little silly to me…


Narrator: “Two friends”
(screen shot of two men, obviously friends)

Narrator: “One woman”
(screen shots of an attractive women)

This is followed by screen shots of the friends and the woman together (and narration I can’t remember). And a rapid succession of screenshots of the each friends with the woman, dancing, kissing, throwing glass bottles at wall.

SG's review: Huh?


Interesting. Very interesting. This trailer starts by reminding us all that ten years ago we had a sleek, fast, cost-effective electric car that insured that our dependency on oil would be resolved by this car. It included footage of Tom Hanks praising it on David Letterman and some other various celebrity endorsement.

But! Dun, dun, dun…whatever happened to this amazing invention? Why did the electric car mysteriously disappear? Well according to our narrator (not the same narrator from “Lower City” by the way), the business of selling oil is not over as there is over a trillion dollars worth of oil still to be tapped into and sold. In other words, get this people, it is ALL ABOUT MONEY! GASP! Say it isn’t so in this ethical and honest country of ours! The trailer ends with Huell Howser interviewing one of the men in the junkyard who is shredding the electric cars asking why these cars are being destroyed and the man responding with “I don’t know. It’s just a mystery.”

Mysterious indeed!


Blogger Minka said...

All three sound just delightful. Can´t wiat to spend 800KR for them! NOT!!!
And really there is oil left? Does that mean I donæt have to look for a substitude to fry my things?
What a relief! ;)

4:12 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Actually you can still buy an electric car. My friend knows a lakehouse where they're in stock.

2:41 PM  
Blogger O Ceallaigh said...

The electric car is one of those great ideas that isn't so great when you actually try it. The big problem is batteries. They're heavy, slow to recharge, and generate gobs of toxic waste (starting with all that lead and acid). So the older cars had limited range and availability. Far too limited to survive in the marketplace. (Yes, once again the true culprit is We the People.)

Advances in the technologies of batteries, internal combustion engines, and chassis construction (increasing the efficiency and lowering the weight of all three) have made the hybrid vehicle possible and desirable. Now if I only had anything like a show of being able to afford one ...

8:38 AM  

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