Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Conversations with MamaSquare

SquareSis, you'll appreciate this one!

MamaSquare has a tendency to start her dialogue in what sounds like the middle of a conversation. My theory is that she can never remember which part of which conversation she has had with each of her five children and seems to think that we must all telepathically communicate and know what she has told one or the other of us. When we lived together it was easier…we can piece together parts of our own conversation with her to collectively come up with one sensible (depending on how you look at it) conversation. But my MamaSquare tends to call me and begin talking to me with the assumption that I’m up to speed…and our conversations tend to be pretty amusing to me (although indeed very serious and important to her). Last Friday night the phone rang and our conversation went something like this:

SG: Hey mom! (I have caller ID)

MamaSq: Hey beautiful! (we’re all “beautiful” or “pumpkin” usually) So you can get a bowl or a leash or a collar…

SG: Huh? Wait, mom, what are you talking about?

MS: For your father.

SG: I see…why a bowl and a leash?

MS: Oh, well I got him a puppy. For Father’s day.

SG: Wait! Is Father’s day this Sunday? And I thought you said you weren’t getting a dog again? (Which she’s been saying adamantly for the last four years when our family dog went to doggie heaven. In fact were instructed to NEVER get her a dog EVER AGAIN.)

MS: Not this Sunday, the next Sunday. And I had to.

SG: I see, you had to…why did you “have to” again.

MS: Well you know me and you know how I say things without even thinking about it, well when me and your father were looking at the house tonight (after moving out of the old Victorian house that we grew up in being that all five kids had moved out and the house was HUGE, my parents decided to have a much smaller house built and it is currently in construction…needless to say the smaller house has four bedrooms and an office) I told him “well I guess now I have to get you a dog”…and his eyes lit up so I HAD to get one.

SG: Clearly. You HAD to get him one after making such a binding commitment. Wait, you said that to him tonight?

MS: Yes

SG: And you say you already have the dog.

MS: Yes. A golden retriever. It’s a girl and she doesn’t have a name yet because we want to get to know her better and find a name that matches her personality.

SG: How did you find this golden retriever? (coincidentally the breed of our beloved Goldie)

MS: Well turns out there were some in Covina so we went by and got one…so she needs a bowl and a leash and a collar and…oh wait! I have to get that call, I’ll call you right back.

She didn’t. Don't worry, I din't expect her to.


Blogger not my blg said...

Great post. I always enjoy your writing.

"Which she’s been saying adamantly for the last four years when our family Doug went to doggie heaven."

Typos? sometimes provide a good relief to the day.

6:09 AM  
Blogger SquareGirl said...

Thanks Alexander's daddy! Oops, no doug did not go to doggie heaven...but our dog did.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Dougs usually burn in perdition. It's good to know the downsizing is going well.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Minka said...

Was that a freudian slip?! :)

Anyways, your mom sur esounds like a lot of laughs happen around her. I have to get started writing about the things my mom does. She is quite a hoot too, that one!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Kyahgirl said...

Your Mom sounds adorable SG. So their new 'smaller' house has four bedrooms? Interesting concept in downsizing.

I guess it makes sense now, the new dog will need a play room. And she can have friends over for the weekend.

4:55 PM  
Blogger SquareGirl said...

I believe tha Doug's are also welcome in doggie's exclusive, but really loving!

Minka, yes most likely...didn't go far enough with Psychoanalysis to interpret the Freudian slip though...and yes, a LOT of laughs occur around my mummy dearest! She really is a hoot!

Kyahgirl, yes, my parents do have interesting concepts and a four bedroom downsized ouse is quite in their character...they are definitely amusing! And ABSOLUTELY lovely!

10:45 PM  

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